My mission became evident from the very first time I saw how desperate and dire the situation was for stray animals all over the world and how much they needed help. People all over the world sacrifice and give their time, money, and love to feed, care and protect these animals who have no home, no family, no warm bed, no guaranteed meal, they have nothing they are truly the unwanted. They wander aimlessly in search of food or a safe place to lay their head always on the alert for danger that comes in many forms.  

As I became more aware of the millions of stray's animals all over the world and how much they struggle to survive my heart was pulled to do this work.  I was compelled to help these animals and the wonderful rescuers, volunteers who are the true Angles on earth that help and save these animals every day!  With every purchase from my site, I will donate up to 100% of the net profits to provide neutering, spaying, medical care, food and help build shelters in countries such as Turkey, India, United States, Venezuela, and others.  

I saw the true beauty in the strays of the world, I hope you can too, join me in my mission to change their lives for the better!     

Stray Beautiful