Stray Beautiful was established with the sole objective of aiding small, independent rescuers operating in economically disadvantaged countries with limited or no resources.

While the majority of our dedicated rescuers are based in Turkey, we also have partner rescuers in other countries such as Brazil, Venazuela and others. In these countries they face immense challenges due to the overwhelming number of stray animals and the lack of government support to effectively address the escalating population.

Furthermore, the government has imposed restrictions on platforms like PayPal and Venmo, hindering their ability to seek global assistance. This is where Stray Beautiful steps in, bridging the gap and facilitating access to international aid through our non-profit organization.

All our partner rescuers selflessly devote their time, finances, and affection to provide nourishment, care, and protection to these animals who are without homes, families, warm beds, or guaranteed meals. They are truly the unwanted, wandering aimlessly in search of sustenance and a safe haven, constantly on high alert for the many dangers they face.

Witnessing their plight, I felt compelled to assist these animals and the incredible rescuers and volunteers who are genuine angels on Earth, working tirelessly to rescue and save these vulnerable creatures every single day.

Through your generous donations, Stray Beautiful utilizes every penny to carry out vital activities such as neutering, spaying, medical treatment, providing food, and contributing to the construction of shelters in countries like Turkey, India, Venezuela, Brazil, and others.

I have personally witnessed the true beauty that resides within these strays, and I sincerely hope you can see it too. I invite you to join me on this mission to bring about positive change and transform the lives of these animals. Together, we can make a difference through Stray Beautiful.

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